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Packed with the reports and automation you need, our programs are the key to help a municipality run smoothly.


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TSI has been in business since 1983 providing software solutions to well over 300 municipalities. We value the relationships with our customers and strive to ensure satisfaction with our services.


  Always log into the latest version of the program. There are no updates or upgrades to pay for and keep track of. Access your MARGE program from any computer with your unique credentials. 

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Hardware crash?  Fire?  Lost data? Laptop locked up?  No problem!  The system is backed up on the server every 10 minutes... and will automatically back up after many functions within the program.    A comprehensive accounting package that is VERY affordable!  Our software starts $1599 and up.  Comparable it to other vendors who charge $8,000 to $20,000 for the same features.  Why is our price-point set low?  Because we cater to smaller municipalities which have smaller budgets! No need to sacrifice quality for price.

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 TSI offers support on all available products. We are available by phone and email and we also use desktop sharing to train when you are available.    Form C/CT, W-2/W-3, 1099/1096, 941, 944, Annual Report, and many, many more!  We have many "live" reports which make your job easier.  No more exporting to spreadsheets!





TownHall Software started as “Municipal Software Solutions by Gwyaine” in 1983 and was founded by Dave Westerhoff and Kirk Sunderland.  Dave & Kirk worked with clerks in Wisconsin developing the software that specifically fit the needs of a Wisconsin Clerk.  One of the first clerks they worked with was Marge Mueller, clerk of the Town of Hayward to whom they are deeply indebted.

Marge worked with the first DOS-based product called ‘Gwyaine Practical Accounting Systems’ (GPAS).  She wanted ‘her’ software to be accurate and easy to use.  It was her direct input that helped make the software accurate and user-friendly.  It’s for this reason we have renamed our Accounting Software the MARGE Municipal Accounting System.

In 2000, it was decided that the business name of Municipal Accounting was over-used. TownHall Software was chosen to reflect the close relationship our business has with Wisconsin Municipalities. In 2000, Kirk Sunderland chose to pursue other opportunities and resigned from the company. His departure lead TownHall software to become an incorporated business and a delegated board was created.

In 2009 the Board of TownHall Software decided that a complete program update was needed to incorporate new and existing technology that was available. In addition to rolling out the Windows 7 version of the software, it had been decided that a new look including manuals and perhaps additional programs were necessary.  As these changes were rolling out, our founder and mentor, Dave Westerhoff passed away in May 2010. TownHall software named Susan Hogg as the new leader. She is the daughter of Dave Westerhoff and worked closely with him throughout the company’s existence. With new leadership grounded by existing values, TownHall Software became stronger than ever! With a new look, an improved program and customer service, TownHall Software is prepared to continue strong into the future.

In 2011, our team hired Bob Campbell.  Bob is an amazing software developer with an impressive history, who has realized our vision and created the newest version of our software.  He has added more to our company and helped bring TownHall Software into the 21st Century. Now Marge is a cloud-based system with many new features, reports and capabilities! 

The Marge Cloud Accounting program will be joined by other cloud-based systems - including TUBS (TownHall Utility Billing System), as well as additional programs we are developing, such as a Cemetery program and more!

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To provide municipal administrators the programs they need to make their job easier -- and
allow them the time and resources to focus on the many other aspects of their positions.

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