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Current Customers:  Support and Information

Support Hours are 8am to 6pm or by appointment
Email is monitored around the clock - and available for off-hours questions.


Email Support Team   Call Us

Please email us with the following:

Your name/municipality
The issue you need help with
When do you usually work (days/evening/weekends)
Phone number you'd like us to use

  Answered Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm

You will receive a message if we are with other customers. 
Please leave a voicemail, or send email.

This is also our FAX line.  If it is a fax, it is received by the support staff as a PDF file via email.


Schedule an Appointment   Tuesday Tip Emails

Use the new scheduling page to
book an appointment with
a member of our Support Team!


We send out a weekly email giving tips to help customers with some common questions or to show new changes and features.

Feel free to access the email archive below:
(Let us know if you aren't receiving these emails.)


Support Guides & Links Desktop Support
(a.k.a. Screen Sharing)

Find Marge guides to help, or outside links to
common sites and documents from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service, and more!


Screen Sharing is helpful for support and training.  We can look at data together and is usually accompanied with a member of support staff on the phone.

RIGHT-Click on the following icon and
follow the directions below:

From the right-click menu, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (depends on your browser).

SAVE it to your DESKTOP.

Double-click on the icon on your desktop to run Quick Support. Click on Run. You will see a window open with our icon - which gives you an ID and Passcode.

Give the Password to the TownHall Software staff. 
The password is only good for one session.



Training Videos
Videos are now available in the Help Section of
the main Marge screen!  Keep checking back -- we are
adding new videos all the time!

We will announce new videos on our Facebook page,
as well as by broadcast emails.

Marge User Forums
Marge user forums will allow you to post questions which can be answered by other users or by the TSI support staff. 

It's a great way to help each other and also
help others to learn from your answers!



Sending a payment or paperwork for a check-order?  Please use the following:
TownHall Software, Inc.    10065N Raven Road    Hayward, WI  54843


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To provide municipal administrators the programs they need to make their job easier -- and
allow them the time and resources to focus on the many other aspects of their positions.

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