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Packed with the reports and automation you need, our programs are the key to help a municipality run smoothly.


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With MARGE the user is able to print a Form C and CT right from the program without any extra effort. As long as the monthly duties are performed and completed, the Form C can be printed any time throughout the year. When it’s time to send the Form C and CT to the state, use our copy & paste feature and enter the information onto the State website.

It’s that easy!

And... there is more!  The program also has a full budget section which can be tailored to your needs.  Print a Detail Budget, Summary Budget or a Planning Budget!


The complete Payroll Module is included with purchase! MARGE is equipped to handle the unique and individual needs for each municipality -- including per diem, meeting fee, hourly, salary - and as many as you need to define, and all on one check!

Many forms are printable right from the program, including but not limited to W-2’s, 1099’s, and the Quarterly 941 report.

All forms are approved by the State of Wisconsin and the IRS. No need to buy or order forms again!


Our software cost is based on population and type of municipality.  We cater to small and medium municipalities, so we are very affordable despite being a comprehensive program.  This price includes the accounting program (including full payroll), support, offsite backup, cloud technology, upgrades and  updates, etc.

Your annual fee includes all updates to accommodate changing laws, software upgrades, full payroll module and annual tax table updates, customer support, off-site backup, over 100 reports and more. 



Marge Cloud Accounting comes pre-loaded with the complete Wisconsin Chart of Accounts - as well as creating multiple "sub" accounts to track specific expenses.

Using the proper Chart of Accounts is important for the Form C/CT and for audits.  You just do your monthly accounting duties and the program will prepare the rest.

No hassle and easy to maintain!  


TownHall Software is not only based in Wisconsin, we also support you from Wisconsin. None of our staff is outsourced!

Customer support is included with the annual maintenance fee. Working at night or a weekend?  Make an appointment for after hours and our team will be there for you. 

Support is offered through telephone, email, and through remote access software. Email is monitored 24 hours a day to handle emergency situations.


TownHall Software has been members of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerk Association and the Wisconsin Towns Association for over a decade. Come by our booth at either of these conferences to meet our team and see a live demonstration!



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To provide municipal administrators the programs they need to make their job easier -- and
allow them the time and resources to focus on the many other aspects of their positions.

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