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Below are links and documents which help with some of the common questions!*

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GO TO LINK IRS Instructions
Election Workers
Election workers are considered employees and should be paid through the
 Payroll section of Marge.  They are exempt from FICA withholding (Social Security
and Medicare) and you do not have to withhold Federal or State taxes. 
Thresholds apply - and further instructions on W-2s are found here.
GO TO LINK IRS Employer's
Tax Guide 2015
This publication explains your tax responsibilities as an employer. It explains the requirements for withholding, depositing, reporting, paying, and correcting employment taxes. It explains the forms you must give to your employees,
those your employees must give to you, and those you must send to the IRS and SSA.
GO TO LINK IRS 2015 Instructions
for W-2 and W-3
This publication answers questions about printing W-2s for
employees earning less than $600, retirement deduction reporting,
as well as where and when to file your W-2s and W-3. 
GO TO LINK Wisconsin
Withholding Tax Guide
April 2014
This publication explains your tax responsibilities to the State of Wisconsin for your employees should you withhold Wisconsin state tax.
This document was last updated April 2014.
Form C Instructions
"What account do I use?"  Marge uses the Wisconsin Uniform Chart of Accounts.  Use this document to find the appropriate account number for your revenues and expenses.  These definitions are also found within the Marge program by going to:
Chart of Accounts > List of Accounts > Def tab

Note: The "Def" tab will only appear if you have selected a
Revenue account (4xxxx-xx) or an Expense account (5xxxx-xx).

Year-end Instructions
for OLD Marge
These are the year-end instructions for old Marge.  Use these to close 2014 if you are still using Marge 2000 - but pay attention to updating the dates.  Please send us a Tcopy prior to starting process.  We will respond with instructions on how to update your Federal tax tables for 2015.  (Wisconsin remains unchanged since April 2014.)


*Note that the documents created by TSI and the links from other organizations are here to help.  However, here may be specific information
for your municipality that may apply and supersede these instructions.  Always check with your accountant,
or a respective agency (eg, WI DOR, IRS) to be sure you have the correct information for your situation.




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