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Packed with the reports and automation you need, our programs are the key to help a municipality run smoothly.


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  • Billing software that is SO easy to use that anyone can set up and use it!

  • Your billing running smoothly -- without spreadsheets, manual calculations or mail merge!

  • A full-service software package that fits into even the smallest budget!

  • Having real support to help you when you need it most!

You have just imagined the...

TUBS Utility Billing System

EASY. Over 20 years of input from our utility customers has made TUBS exactly what YOU need!  We know you don't have time or money for big training sessions.  

POWERFUL.   Use for as little or as many customers as you need - including public, commercial and residential.  Different rates for different class customers.

SUPPORT.   Remote access support allows us to help you in your own environment to help you solve your issues.  We are here to help!  We also provide FREE off-site backup of your data!   AFFORDABLE.   A powerful and easy software package doesn't have to come at a ridiculous price.  Get a full package for a small fraction of the "big" companies!  Prices start at only $699!


  • Windows Environment! 

  • Postcard or Letter-size Billing

  • Complete Customer History

  • Print Special Individual Messages or General Messages to all Customers on each bill (Comment Fields)

  • Quarterly or Monthly Billing Cycles

  • Charge Interest or Late Fees or Both     

  • Different Rates for Different Classes of Customers 

  • Public, Residential, Commercial

  • Unlimited Fixed & Variable Rates 

  • Complete History (Statistics)

  • All Necessary Reports for the Department of Natural Resources , Public Service Commission, Etc.

  • Generate necessary receipts for the MARGE (or any other) Accounting Program!

  • Toll Free Phone Support and Internet Support



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To provide municipal administrators the programs they need to make their job easier -- and
allow them the time and resources to focus on the many other aspects of their positions.

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