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Municipal Accounting doesn't have to be difficult -- or reworked from QuickBooks.
A MUCH EASIER solution is here!

WELCOME to TownHall Software!

We are here to help you do your job.  These software packages will accomplish that without breaking the budget – and without a lot of upkeep, training costs, fees and time!

TownHall Software has been an incredible success because of you…  Each of our customers has helped us by letting us know what is needed.  The result is over 3 decades of implementations based on how YOU do your job!  It fits like a glove and allows you freedom to take care of the many other aspects of your position in which you have been entrusted.

Other software packages are either so costly that their maintenance fees often are equivalent to someone’s salary!  And other times, municipalities are trying to adapt software that isn’t made for them  – costing time and money in hours and additional frustration.

You won’t be disappointed.  We are happy to provide references and additional information.  Please just give us a call or drop us an e-mail!  We also have some self-running demos on our website!

Thank you for letting us serve you!

The TownHall Software staff

WHY choose TownHall Software?

Support:  We strive to have unmatched customer service – including telephone and e-mail.  We also provide off-site backup of your data – and in turn can offer “mirror image” support!  We see what you have on your screen with your data!  We are also in the process of creating a Clerk Advisory Board to help us grow and learn as well!  The end result is a strong partnership between us all.

Value:  We provide customers with a comprehensive accounting package that is designed, developed and supported by TownHall Software that is VERY affordable!  Our software ranges between $999 - $2499.  Compare it to other vendors who charge $8,000 to $20,000 for the same application containing the same general features.  WHY is our price-point set low?  Because we cater to smaller municipalities!  Simple as that.

Proven:  For almost 3 decades, we have installed our programs to well over 300 municipalities. We have happy customers and will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. 

Member:  Wisconsin Municipal Clerk Association (WMCA) and Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) for several years!  We go to the annual conferences so we can meet our current and new customers.  We support and recommend the activities of these Associations.

Secure:  Written in Clarion for Windows (by Soft Velocity) and uses TopSpeed data format.  Stands alone - and needs no other software to run it (i.e. QuickBooks, MicroSoft Access).

Runs on Windows 2000, XP and 7 and can be installed simply by inserting the CD!

HISTORY of the MARGE Municipal Accounting System

TownHall Software started as “Municipal Software Solutions by Gwyaine” in the early 1980’s and was founded by Dave Westerhoff and Kirk Sunderland.  Dave & Kirk worked with just a couple of clerks in Wisconsin by developing the software that they needed to do their job.  One of the first clerks they worked with was Marge Mueller, clerk of the Town of Hayward to whom they are deeply indebted.

Marge worked with the first DOS-based product we called Gwyaine Practical Accounting Systems (GPAS).  Marge wanted “her” software to be (1) accurate and (2) easy to use.  It was her input that helped us make the software as user-friendly as possible!  It’s for this reason we have renamed our Accounting Software the MARGE Municipal Accounting System.

In 2000, we decided that the name of Municipal Accounting was over-used.  Since we work with customers who have populations less than 50,000, we decided that a “warmer” name should be picked.  TownHall Software is a name that reflects a more friendly and open relationship with our customers.  We made it official and also incorporated.  In 2000, Kirk Sunderland left the area and we brought additional members aboard.

In 2009 the Board of TownHall Software decided that we need to update once again.  In addition to rolling out our Windows 7 version of the software, they had decided that a new look, manuals and perhaps additional programs were necessary.  As these changes were rolling out, our founder and mentor, Dave Westerhoff suddenly passed away in May 2010. 

With new leadership grounded by existing values, we are stronger than ever!  We are undergoing a new LOOK (logo, website, manuals) and we are improving Customer Service (expanding our 800 line and support staff). 

Additionally, TownHall Software is compiling a Clerk Advisory Board to help us learn more about what is needed in our future software updates.  Also, we are hiring additional programmers and looking to become even MORE user-friendly over the next couple of years. 

This is an exciting time!

To provide clerks and treasurers the programs they need to make their job easier...
and allow them the time and resources to focus on the many other aspects of their positions.


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